6th edition of its LES4ICE international conference

Submitted by CFDwired on Sun, 09/23/2018 - 08:56

时间:2018.12.11 - 12


简介:Since its 1st edition in 2008, LES4ICE aims at providing a forum of international exchanges concerning recent advances in Large-Eddy Simulation research applied to Internal Combustion Engine Flows and related experimental techniques. It brings together engine designers and research scientists working in the field of ICE to debate the state of the art in LES applied to ICEs and examine advanced experimental techniques capable of supporting and validating its development.

A successful LES research is strongly dependent on the availability of dedicated high-resolution quantitative experimental techniques, and on their application to detailed studies of engine flow and combustion under realistic operating conditions. Such experimental research is not only necessary to yield validation data, published recent research also exemplified how a combined usage of LES and advanced diagnostics could truly yield an unprecedented detailed insight into presently poorly understood and mastered engine phenomena.